Your New website

Here is a short list of the type of information that you need to compile for your website. There will be more info which you may wish to add later to the website yourself, however follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Company colours if any or preferred colours

  2. Company logo, or graphics, if any, save to disc or e-mail, (formats: jpeg, jpg, gif or png)

  3. What sections and subsections to include into the website, e.g. (home page, about us, contact page, products, services etc)

  4. Text for all sections, save on disc, memory stick, or e-mail to us.( keep your text short and sweet and direct to the point, do not waffle, most people will not read it!)

  5. Photos for all sections, save on disc, memory stick, or e-mail to us. (Good quality photos are important to the overall look of your website, so no dark or out of focus snaps)

  6. Any files for PDF downloads (There may be forms that people may want to download or print out e.g. order forms.)

  7. Company address, contact numbers, e-mail addresses etc. (we will need your full address and telephone numbers to add to the contact page, also e-mail address)

If you need help or advice with any of the sections, contact us:

Phone: 07808 663385

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.