From July, Chrome will name and shame insecure HTTP websites and reduce search results for insecure sites. All other browsers will follow.

What do I need to do to avoid my site being marked as “not secure” ?

You need to install an SSL certificate and move your website to HTTPS. Before you order one though, take stock of what you need to secure. You may just have a single domain or you may have something more complicated like sub-domains or even multiple domains, in which case you'll want to find the right certificate.

So this is a great time to get an SSL for your website and even though your site may be big or small, static or CMS, you still should have HTTPS.

Not having HTTPS will impact your website's search rankings which will take a downward turn starting from July 2018.

We can purchase, configure, install and manage SSL certs for you!

Contact NetStretch NOW about making your site secure!

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Based in Armagh, Northern Ireland, NetStretch cut through the hype and techno-speak, to offer web sites that are effective, simple to use, easy to understand and navigate. All with the added benefit that they offer fantastic value for money!

We offer our clients a Complete Internet Solution.

From registration of their chosen Domain Name through all the stages that may be required before your new web-site is available to a local and global audience over the world wide web.

Working closely with clients, we believe that the "message" is more important than the "messenger"!

Sites are designed to allow for easy navigation without adding unnecessary pages or distractions, giving the site visitor the information they want as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These days every business, regardless of size, needs a website.

Web Design Ireland

PHONE - 07808 663385 - from R.o.I. 0044 7808 663385

Your website will be the most powerful and cost effective marketing tool that you will ever have, and we can help you utilise it fully.

At NETSTRETCH Web Design Ireland we quote all our prices up front. There are:

  • NO hidden surprises
  • NO additional costs for training and support
  • NO blinding clients with techno-babble

Our web design company is based in Northern Ireland, but we provide web design services throughout the world. Netstretch Web Design and Maintenance, have clients in Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, Spain and the USA. We pride ourselves on being able to provide web design solutions for all companies, regardless of the scale of the project.

Having a competent web design company help you establish your web presence is crucial in today's market, Dont hesitate! Contact us today for a no obligation consultation for your web design and internet marketing needs.

The World is Online - Make sure you get Your Share


Almost 80% of people now access website via their smart phone or tablet / iPad and this figure is increasing!

Fully Responsive Websites from NetStretch Web Design Armagh

You probably should be!

The problem is that if your site isn’t doing as well on Google as it could do.


The reason people stop going to your website and why Google doesn’t rank it very highly is that it doesn’t add and change its content enough.

NetStretch can show or remind you how to do it yourself or you can get us to do it for you. Whichever way you decide; the IMPORTANT THING is that it is done.

You may just be amazed at the results. Contact us for a chat or for more information.

Get ranked higher on Google

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Fully Managed Domain Name Service

TOP LEVEL DOMAIN (.com .net .org .eu etc.)

FREE transfers in and out. FREE DNS changes. FREE web and email forwarding.

ONLY £24.99 per year

DIY - from only £7.39 per year


Fully Managed Commercial Hosting

Our web servers are located in world-class data centres, which feature advanced redundancy, physical security and multiple fast network connections. This ensures that we provide the most reliable web hosting environment possible and also deliver your content and web pages at lightning fast speeds.

Our state-of-the-art data centres are located in the UK and Holland.


start making that website work for you by keeping it up to date

Northern Ireland based NetStretch can now PROFESSIONALLY take care of it for you for less than it would cost for yourself or an employee could do it.

  • One off content updates
  • Daily Content Updates
  • Weekly or Monthly Updates
  • Facebook Updates 

Content Maintenance Packages available to cover all your website content updates from a change every now and then to multiple changes every day !

From as little as £10 - contact us for a quote.

Start making that website work for you by keeping it up to date! 

Contact us for more details.

Your New website

Here is a short list of the type of information that you need to compile for your website. There will be more info which you may wish to add later to the website yourself, however follow these simple steps to get started.

  1. Company colours if any or preferred colours

  2. Company logo, or graphics, if any, save to disc or e-mail, (formats: jpeg, jpg, gif or png)

  3. What sections and subsections to include into the website, e.g. (home page, about us, contact page, products, services etc)

  4. Text for all sections, save on disc, memory stick, or e-mail to us.( keep your text short and sweet and direct to the point, do not waffle, most people will not read it!)

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website that can be updated at any time, and from anywhere. The website owner can login to the site, and update their text, photographs etc, whenever they want.What is CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website that can be updated at any time, and from anywhere. The website owner can login to the site, and update their text, photographs etc, whenever they want.

Our CMS software is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, and this gives you complete control over the content of your website. You can create as many pages as you like, and this will help hugely with your search engine rankings; each time a search engine crawls your site, it loves to see fresh and updated content. Using our CMS system is extremely easy, and as part of our package we provide you with full training and telephone support, ensuring that you get the most from your website.

A CMS website is the cornerstone upon which you can build your internet presence.

NetStretch has teamed up with one of the Global leaders in the fight against spam, SpamExperts based in Holland, to bring you your email

At NetStretch we are well aware of how important email is to business of all sizes these days.

We are also aware that there is an unprecedented amount of spam, many containing viruses, being received and sent.

THE GOOD NEWS - NetStretch has teamed up with one of the Global leaders in the fight against spam, SpamExperts based in Holland, to bring you your email "Simply Spam Free!"

Email Security Optimized - 99.98% filtering accuracy with close to zero false positives . Stop spam & viruses and optionally prevent being blacklisted (when you opt for our outgoing service as well).

It's a common story!

YOUR WEBSITE SHOULD BE AT THE CENTRE OF YOUR ONLINE MARKETING with SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook or Twitter being seen as an important strand to communicate with existing customers who use it on a regular basisStage 1: You put your business or organisation website up with great intentions to keep it current and up to date but then you get side-tracked by other issues or simply don't have time.

Stage2: You find it is just easier and more fun to update your Facebook page AND everyone seems to “like” you and you get people being your “friend” and making comments!


....and you will see that, given your potential market in the area, there really aren't that many people who “like” you or are your “friends” and that any “comments” you get seem to come from the same few people!


....you know you know it! Put something on your Facebook page and it pops up instantly on your “friends” or “likes” page. Within a few minutes, it's disappeared to the bottom of their page or they have already turned off notifications from you because there's too many or they have lost interest!

You are only communicating with a small number of your potential customers if you put all your efforts into Facebook. You should communicate your message on your global website first and then let the Facebook community know about it.

NetStretch content management makes it very easy to keep your website up to date and then update your Facebook page or any other social network page with a couple of clicks.


People start their website with the best of intentions to keep it updated and relevant but even with the best will in the world, the daily demands of running their business usually means that the company website is way down on their list of priorities. This is a shame as the longer a site is left neglected, the lower it will rank on Google, the less people will visit it and the more expensive it becomes to revive.

NetStretch offers a site content maintenance package to suit any size of website for an awful lot less than it would pay a company to keep their site up to date in any other way.

No matter where you are based throught the UK or Ireland, whether you are existing client or a new one, whether you currently have a website or not, give us a call today or email us to see if we can benefit your company. You've got nothing to lose and lots to potentially gain, if only for some free advice or support.

07808 663385 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A lot of businesses are using Facebook. Facebook gives businesses a great opportunity to promote their products and services. However, a Facebook page should not be seen as a substitute for their own website.

Some businesses don't even bother with their own website, preferring to use their Facebook page. Indeed some businesses that do have their own website focus more on building their Facebook fan base and updating their Facebook page and forget about their own website.

Your website should be the main hub your online presence. All your blogging, news and events should be focused on your own website. Then simply post the web address of your piece of news on your Facebook page to let all your friends and fans see it first. The best plan is to use Facebook to communicate with customers and potential customers and then send them to your own website to see your news and offers.

Have you ever thought would happen all of your friends and fans on Facebook if it folded up tomorrow?
They would simply disappear. Facebook wouldn't even need to fold for this to happen. They could close your account for violating some new terms and conditions. In the future, Facebook may even ban pages it perceives as business related or move them to a new business related social media network.

That is why you need your own business website which you can control and will continue as long as you maintain it.

Do you need your own business website even though you can use Facebook to communicate with your customers?
Absolutely. Facebook is something you do in addition to your your own website, not instead of. Most of the Internet is not on Facebook. It's big within some circles, but most people, and most of your own website's visitors do not (and probably never will) use Facebook. Not everyone on Facebook is as active on it as you are. Just look at your own Facebook page and you will see that it is the same small band of people posting on a regular basis.

Facebook is like "preaching to the converted" and will not attract many new customers. New customers should be converted by your own website and then directed your Facebook page if they are a Facebook user. And remember, most of them probably are not!


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